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Marine Services




Marine services


Gearbox / Stern gear

  •   Servicing

  •   Cylinder head work

  •   Re-bore and honing

  •   Crank work

  •   Fuel injection

  •   Complete re-condition

  •   Servicing

  •   Bearing replacement

  •   Replacement

  •   Gland seal adjustment

  •   Prop shaft repairs

  •   Rudder repairs

Preparing to install an old 1.8 B.M.C engine


From a simple engine service to boring and re bushing your rudder tube, give us a call for a realistic quote. We will travel to your boat anywhere in the World, but sadly you will be charged accordingly.

Some important facts

One of the most important things you can do for your marine engine is change the oil and filter regularly, and at the very least once a year, preferably prior to the winter lay-up.

Another very important service issue is your antifreeze which also inhibits against corrosion. Antifreeze will deteriorate, and in time will actually stop protecting and may even be the cause of corrosion. For security's  sake we recommend changing your antifreeze every 2 years.  

All our parts and work are fully guaranteed for twelve months.

Important information

With all engine services

  •   We do a visual check on all coolant hoses and related components for leaks and fatigue

  •   We also check the fuel system for any leaks and fatigue

  •   and generally for any obvious safety issues

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